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Philips Zoom Whitening offers a comfortable treatment with dramatic results! Your choices include a professional in office treatment and a prescribed home use kit.

Your whiter brighter smile starts with a consultation. We listen to your goals, evaluate your existing shades and cosmetic work and explain your options.

Let’s talk about what to expect from the Zoom treatment and what the steps are! Just one Zoom in office treatment has produced results up to 8 times whiter for many people! Most have no discomfort during the 45 minute treatment and experience little sensitivity afterwards.

Here are the steps.First, we recommend a regular cleaning before Zoom Whitening for best results. Next we cover your lips and gums, then apply the Zoom Whitening gel to your teeth. We shine a low heat LED light on your teeth for 15 minutes We repeat this 15 minute gel and light application 2 more times. Finally we apply a post treatment gel which protects your enamel and reduces sensitivity That’s it!

For aftercare we sent you home with a Zoom kit with custom trays and personal instructions just for you!

After consulting with us, some patients prefer to try a Zoom Whitening Home Kit. We prescribe the best fit for their lifestyle with custom trays. The 2 Zoom choices are the DayWhite Kit and the NiteWhite Kit. The DayWhite Kit is used twice a day for 5-10 minutes each time. The NiteWhite Kit is worn while you sleep. The gel blend includes whitening and enamel protection ingredients.

You have questions, we have answers! We can go into detail with you about ingredients, success rates, costs, rewards/risks, use instructions at any time during this process.

Request a Zoom consultation!

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