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We are blessed to be providing professional dentistry in the community of Summerville. As Visit Summerville (visitsummerville.com ) describes- Summerville is the “heart of the Lowcountry”. 

First settled around 1847 by Charlestonians attracted to Summerville’s breezy pine forests, Summerville has grown from 6,000 residents during the 1970s to almost 50,000 people today!  

During its first days Summerville passed laws protecting the pine trees from being cut down. Summerville’s downtown historic district includes cottages, victorian homes, churches and commercial buildings like Tupper’s Drug Store. Summerville maintains its unique historic charm and small town welcoming ways while planning for a productive future.  

Summerville Celebrates Family

Summerville’s April Flowertown Festival celebrates the Summerville Family YMCA, the arts, and the arrival of spring! This free 3 day festival in Azalea Park spotlights local artists and craftspersons, Summerville’s amazing food scene and musical talent! 

Active Community

Summerville hosts many opportunities to get involved in the community, as well as fun events to enjoy! The Summerville Farmers Market behind the Town Hall is a great place to find farm fresh food and chat with neighbors. Attend a frequent concert at “Sounds In the Square”! Learn to shag dance for free at the Summerville Country Club! Sign up for a Public Art Sculpture Tour! Explore nature-paddling on waterways and hiking the trails!

Check out Summerville news and Summerville events calendar at summervillesc.gov and visitsummerville.com 

Summerville is a special hometown!

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